Choosing the best Invisible Lav Covers for hiding your mic - What's the difference?

The Invisible Lav Covers are the ultimate tool for hiding your lav mic.

The Invisible Lav Covers are available in 3 variations: Original, Moleskin, and Fur Outdoor. But what's the difference?

We made the three versions to cover as many different microphone hiding options as possible, giving you a complete set of tools for quickly and cleanly micing talent under the rigours of life on set.

In this video, Aj talks through the differences between the 3 versions of Invisible Lav Covers and when best to use them: 


Designed for ultimate TRANSPARENCY and INVISIBILITY when hiding your lav microphone. The combination of porous material and space of dead air around your microphone's capsule ensures your mic will perform at its best.

Designed for ultimate INVISIBILITY and NOISE REDUCTION when hiding your lav microphone. This low-profile mount is made from super-soft, sustainably-sourced bamboo material, helping to reduce friction noise in tighter spaces.

Designed for ultimate WIND PROTECTION and NOISE REDUCTION when hiding your lav mic. Acting as a furry microphone windscreen, this synthetic multi-pile fur cover is the best lav mic mounting tool for situations with heavier layers of clothing or reducing wind noise.

The hypoallergenic Invisible Lav Tape is compatible with all variations of The Invisible Lav Covers. The pre-cut window allows your microphone's capsule to remain free from a build up of sticky residue, maintaining its natural frequency transparency. The Invisible Lav Tape is included with all standard Invisible Lav Covers packs, and is available to purchase separately for use with the Big Bags or if you need a top-up!

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