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Meet excellent Bubblebee users from around the globe, get tips and tricks on how to get the best results out of our products in the field and find out about local dealers and events we'll be at in your area.

#BBIsafeathome Competition

Due to the current situation with COVID-19 pretty much worldwide, it might be a little unreasonable to expect you to take pics of your Bubblebee gear outdoors "In the Wild" to enter our monthly #BBIinthewild giveaway. So we have decided to change the theme for the month of April, and perhaps beyond, depending on how things develop.

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The Colours of Great Sound Winners

During March 2020 we ran a competition in conjunction with DPA Microphones - The Colours of Great Sound - where we invited you to enter for a chance to win one of four DPA/BBI lavalier microphone kits, each worth over $1000.00. It was a colour-themed giveaway, with each box conforming to one of DPA's four colours available for their awesome 6060 Subminiature lav mic.

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Bubblebee at SoundPro 2019

A brand new Bubblebee listening station will be shown at SoundPro 2019, this year held in Chiswick Town Hall in London on Saturday 26th October. Complete with dual headphone stations equipped with Sony MDR-7506 cans, two Sound Devices MixPre3 mixers powering DPA shotgun- and shortgun mics, lavalier mics and the latest Sony Wireless Tx/Rx to test out, amongst other things, The Sidekick In-Ear Monitor at range.

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Updates to our Tape Range

We've recently improved our tape offering by making some changes to production and packaging for both The Lav Concealer Tape and the original Invisible Lav Tape. Here's a quick overview of the updates

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Outdoor Mic Style at Everything Audio, London, 15.08.2019

With over 20 years professional experience in the field and 10+ years at the helm of Bubblebee Industries, his ideas are aimed at helping you overcome difficult environmental factors better to improve your sound recordings even more. We are sure you’ll leave with some invaluable nuggets of information. You’ll also have the chance to test out myriad mic/wind protection and mounting solutions to get the lowdown on what actually works best for both shotgun and wireless lav mics, as well as test out The Sidekick In-Ear Monitor.

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