• “Thanks for helping me make sound sound better. Everyone should have this little Windkiller in their kit.”

    Kally Williams, sound recordist, Los Angeles

  • “Thank you Bubblebee for assisting me with one of the best plant mic sounds ever”

    Kevin Strahm, sound mixer, Georgia

  • “From now on the Spacer Bubble, will be the number 1 choice for wind protection.”

    Lars Rasmussen, sound designer, Copenhagen

  • “#takemymoney”

    Michael McQueen, sound mixer, North Carolina

  • "The Windbubbles are game changers and now an important part of my recording kit."

    Jez Riley-French, fields recordist, UK

  • "The Spacer Bubble is a clear winner"

    Joe Pfeil, location sound engineer, New York

  • "The most transparent solution out there"

    José Frías, sound recordist, New York

  • "I am a very happy Bubblebee user. I recently bought a Windkiller for my Schoeps CMIT, and my boom ops love it..."

    Thomas Curley, production sound mixer, Los Angeles

  • "The Spacer Bubble performed really great on my first outdoor test. The best of all was the turnaround time from indoor to outdoor. Took less than 30 seconds. No waiting on sound."

    Matthew Cameron, sound mixer, Vancouver

  • "The Windkiller is killin’ it in the 15mph+ winds”

    Matt Brodnick, sound recordist, Los Angeles

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