How to fit The Sidekick In-Ear Monitor

A quick video guide to fitting The Sidekick In-Ear Monitor correctly, demonstrating both how to fit the earpiece and manage the cable in the best way to make it invisible.

The Sidekick In-Ear Monitor is a virtually invisible communications earpiece designed to be the ultimate IFB earpiece for comfort and intelligibility.

In this case we used the Mono, Left version of The Sidekick, running the cable down the back of the shirt, using the Hippo Clip to control the cable at the back of the collar.

Fitting The Sidekick

Step 1

Start with The Sidekick draped over the shoulder (left, right or both dependent on which version you're using) and feed the combiner and cable down the back of the shirt, blazer, jacket, dress or blouse.

Step 2

Hang the earhook over the top of the ear from back the front, so the earpiece driver is hanging loose ready to be inserted.

Step 3

Insert the driver into the ear canal and gently push in until hidden by the tragus.

Step 4

Use the included clip to clamp the cable to the back of the collar or onto the clothing as needed to direct the cable out of sight.

For more info contact your local Bubblebee dealer.