Carlo Missidenti on Sound for Downhill MTB Film “Ride”


Italian Production Sound Mixer Carlo Missidenti got in touch with us from the sound department of "Ride", an experimental italian film themed around downhill MTB riding, directed by Jacopo Rondinelli.

Ride is the story of Max (Lorenzo Richelmy) and Kyle (Ludovic Hughes), two acrobatic riders. When they receive an invitation to take part in a mysterious downhill race with a prize of $ 250,000, they accept without hesitation and then discover - now too late - that they have to push themselves beyond the limits of their physical and psychological possibilities. That which they will face will thus be an extreme race for survival. With this level of extreme action on two wheels, Carlo was hard-pressed to provide a solution for recording the sounds of the riders.

Watch the Trailer

You probably noticed there were a lot of GoPros around. Well the film was actually filmed mostly on GoPros. The riders (acrobatic geniuses Lorenzo Richelmy and Ludovic Hughes) were each equipped with a backpack and a GoPro... providing Carlo with a perfect opportunity to get mics right into the middle of the action. He rigged a pair of lavs onto the back of each GoPro, with our Windbubbles to protect them from wind noise. The cables were fed back into the backpack with Wisycom transmitters nestled neatly inside.

About the struggle of overcoming wind, Carlo says:

Thanks guys! You save my life! I'm shooting a very experimental movie only with GoPros, it's a good international production in Italy. So no booms, only lavs. The movie it's about downhill with a lot of lines while riding! The perfect solution for good sound? The Windbubble!!! I bought 6 Windbubbles from Te.De.S. The Windbubbles jam the wind in an incredible way keeping the sound very clear and clean, amazing even in the most hard situations. The perfect solution!

Carlo was kind enough to send through some on set pics of his rigs, below.

Windbubbles rig on Ride 1

Windbubbles rig on Ride 2

Windbubbles rig on Ride 3

Windbubbles rig on Ride 4

The Wisycom Txs were hidden inside the backpacks

The 'workshop'