Santiago Paul with The Lav Concealer on Section de Recherches, France

Sound Mixer Santiago Paul recently got hold of some of our Lav Concealers for Sanken Cos-11 and has started using them to hide lavalier mics on the long-standing French police series, "Section de Recherches".

Santiago Poul mounting the COS-11 on actor 1

On trying the Bubblebee Lav Concealer for the first time, he said,

"Today it’s my 1st day using your new concealer, it’s amazing (slimmer than the DPA branded and I appreciate the mat black finish)."

Santiago has worked on films and television series' including "Ransom", Fifty Shades Freed", "Demain nous appartient" (Tomorrow is ours) and "Section de Recherches" (Research Unit) and has used both DPA lavaliers and the Sanken COS-11 extensively for years.

Santiago Poul mounting the COS-11 on actor 2

He mounted it using the Lav Concealer Tape on an undershirt on the actor, using the fabric guard to keep space between the mic and the actor's jumper, saying:

"It worked perfectly. No rustle and great sound."

The production is now in its 13th series running. With our Lav Concealers for DPA 4060 and 4071 arriving soon, we're looking forward to hearing his report on these too.

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