The Windkiller SE for Portable Recorders high in the Scottish hills with Simon Opit

The Windkiller SE for Portable Recorders high in the Scottish hills with Simon Opit

"The new Bubblebee wind protection for handheld recorders came along just as I was getting ready for another Scottish winter and preparing for my days climbing and walking in the Highlands. I always try bring with me some kind of recording equipment as you never know what you’ll come across. However I’ve often struggled with the almost guaranteed wind with the various portable solutions I have.  Since purchasing the new Windkiller SE, my PCM-D100 has always been carried in my sack as I head for the hills and so far the I've managed to get some very useable recordings despite being high in the Scottish hills."

- Simon Opit, field recordist

Simon Opit is an Australian conservatoire trained musician who has lived in Scotland for the past 20 years or so. Post Covid realities have now led him to question and revise his creative practice and he has now moved away from score making (and performance) to experimenting with electronics and environmental sound recording.

He has always pursued his twin passion for technical climbing (in Scotland and around the world) alongside his activities as a musician, but this new and evolving approach has allowed him to fully integrate his love for the mountains and wild places with a more tactile and immediate way of working with sound.

"Listening has always been an important part of being alert (and safe) in mountain environments, and now more than ever I find I bring the same level of attentiveness to what ever place I find myself."

Simon has a number of on going projects recording the remote corries, tops and abandoned dwellings in the highlands that are going to take many years to realise.

"As I grow older, I increasingly feel that just being in these remote places is enough."

A Hard Singing of Country

Opit's latest production 'isn't a work of documentary phonography, but instead uses recorded sound as a shorthand for our intimation of meaning into landscape and how our experience of place, in turn, inflicts our understanding of ourselves.' Have a listen

The Windkiller SE (Special Edition) for Portable Recorders uses our finest imitation fur to effectively protect your portable, handheld and voice recorders against wind noise. High-density, soft, multi-pile fur on the outside, transparent, open material on the inside, with a sturdy leather band to securely grip your portable recorder and keep the windshield in place.

The Windkiller SE for Portable Recorders

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