Bubblebee Industries To Provide Fur To Football Pitches For Player Protection

Bubblebee Industries Fur Football Pitch

Sound Accessories Company To Provide Fur To Football Pitches For Player Protection And Softer Falls

Microphone wind noise protection and sound accessories company, Bubblebee Industries, are proud to announce that they will be supplying their long-haired Chroma Key green fur to all football stadiums holding UEFA EURO 2021 games. Football pitches will be required to swap out their coarse grass for the new fur, known as UE-FUR, in a move to protect players if they fall.

The Bubblebee Industries multi-pile, super soft faux fur is designed to slow down wind as it reaches a microphones capsule to eliminate wind noise from recordings. In the same way, the different hair lengths within the fur will slow down a player’s fall, relieving the impact and reducing the risk of injury.

Other benefits that led to the Union of European Football Associations deciding to upgrade to the new synthetic grass pitches include:

  • Reduced need for groundsmen as the fur doesn’t grow
  • Reduced risk of grass and mud stains on kits
  • Players can open up more footwear partnership opportunities as fur eliminates the need for studs
  • Smoother material allows players to knee slide further when celebrating goals
  • The specific Chroma Key green colour allows virtual advertising to be displayed on the pitch mid-game without distracting players

The Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and other governing bodies within various competitions across the world are also looking into using the fur, to be rebranded FI-FUR after the Euros. The 2022 Qatar World Cup has already expressed interest, with governing bodies in the English Premier League also following suit. World-renowned Tennis competition, Wimbledon, is looking into using the short-haired version of the fur that Bubblebee Industries produce, in order to accommodate for ball bounce.

More notably, it has been widely reported that the 2021 Olympics will also feature the Bubblebee Industries fur for all Equestrian events, as well as all floor-based sports including Judo, Taekwondo, Karate and some Gymnastics. As with the 2021 Euro’s, the fur is intended to slow down the falls of athletes and reduce their risk of injury.

A spokesperson for UEFA commented:

  • “We’re really excited to be able to use Bubblebee Industries’ long-haired fur for our football pitches moving forward. Player safety is of extremely high importance to us so every step we take to improve their wellbeing on and off the pitch is a step in the right direction, and we thought the playing ground was the perfect place to start.
  • “With the other benefits that the UE-FUR provide alongside safety, it was a no-brainer that we chose Bubblebee Industries. If their audio recordings are anything to go by, we’re sure this move will be effective and efficient for everyone involved.”


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