Introducing New Lav Concealers for Sennheiser and Countryman Mics

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of The Lav Concealer range to now include 5 new Lav Concealer models to assist you in mounting and hiding Countryman and Sennheiser lavalier microphones.

New Bubblebee Lav Concealers March 2020

In answer to consistent requests since the release of our first model in The Lav Concealer range (for the Sanken COS-11) in November 2018, we've listened carefully and are pleased to introduce Bubblebee Lav Concealers for the following microphones:

Lav Concealer for Countryman B3

Countryman B3

A new Regular sized Lav Concealer moulded to the exact specifications of the Countryman B3. It also features a brand new Extreme Fabric Guard to assist with hiding under heavy fabrics.

Lav Concealer for Countryman B6

Countryman B6

This is now our smallest ever Lav Concealer. Similarly sized to the 6060 Lav Concealer, but perfectly crafted to hold the Countryman B6 in the perfect position.

Lav Concealer for Sennheiser MKE 1

Sennheiser MKE 1

A new tiny Lav Concealer for the equally small MKE 1 lavalier mic from Sennheiser. Fits it perfectly and comes fully equipped with two fabric guards, a metal lock and our Lav Concealer Tape.

Lav Concealer for Sennheiser ME2

Sennheiser ME 2

This new-sized Lav Concealer is designed to fit the older style (G2/G3 - with removable pop-shield) ME 2 and ME 2-US lavalier mics - without metal pop shield. This Lav Concealer also works perfectly with the Tascam TM-10L (DR-10L). Features new fabric guard and clothing clip to fit.

Lav Concealer for Sennheiser ME2-II

Sennheiser ME 2-II

Another unique-sized Lav Concealer, this one to perfectly fit the Sennheiser ME 2-II lavalier mic (G3/G4/AVX/XSWD) - with fixed pop-shield. Again, new fabric guard and clothing clip included.

The new Lav Concealers boast the same combination of soft, shock-absorbent rubber and metal fabric guards and are available to order now from all Bubblebee dealers.