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The Spacer Bubble 25% Off

For a very limited time only, the highly adaptable modular windshield solution for shotgun microphones, The Spacer Bubble is now 25% off worldwide.

The Spacer Bubble is a multi-piece adaptable windshield solution for shotgun microphones designed specifically for boom operators, camera folks, sound mixers and all sound recordists who experience changing conditions. The Spacer Bubble includes the Spacer Base, Long-Haired Fur Cover and a carry pouch.


The Spacer Bubble, Plosive Protection

Plosive Protection

Always get the best audio transparency while blocking unwanted noise from vocal plosives, boom 'swoosh' and wind.

Base windshield made from highly efficient mesh to allow your microphone to sound as naked as possible.

Easy to Use

Switch locations fast and always get the best balance between audio transparency and blocking unwanted noise from vocal plosives, boom ‘swoosh’ and wind.

Save valuable time while getting the best quality.

The Spacer Bubble, Easy To Use
The Spacer Bubble, Fur Focus

Fur Focus

Multi-pile, high density fur with an open transparent lining.

Forming a wind-blocking barrier making unwanted noise significantly reduced for pristine audio.

Hide In Plain Sight

Providing the perfect tool to allow you to get your microphone closer to the sound source, in blue and green screen environments.

Helping you to stand out on set, by blending in!

The Spacer Bubble, Hide In Plain Sight
The Spacer Bubble, Compatibility


Available in 7 different sizes and 4 colours.

Ensure you find a size that perfectly fits your favourite shotgun microphone in any situation.


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