Spendenmikrofon with Zeigermann_Audio and Schoeps

"We are big fans of the Spacer Windshield System by Bubblebee: perfect fur, sonically transparent and still very effective as a windshield. So it's all the nicer that Bubblebee Industries has provided a blue spacer kit especially for our donation microphone and thus generously supports our campaign. Now you can always see the donation microphone clearly. Thank you Bubblebee Industries!" 

- Christina Bjørni Wölke, Head of Rental
   Zeigermann_Audio GmbH

Spendenmikrofon with Zeigermann, Schoeps and Bubblebee Industries

In support of Spendenmikrofon, a new initiative by Zeigermann_Audio and Schoeps to celebrate the 10,000th Schoeps CMIT 5, we've donated one of our Spacer Kits in Chroma Key blue as matching wind protection.

The new campaign throughout 2022 will see the 10,000th Schoeps CMIT 5 available to rent from Zeigermann_Audio, with all proceeds going to charity. Zeigermann_Audio will be matching this amount, and Schoeps will also be matching the rental income to help organisations in urgent need of financial support.

To learn more about the campaign and the organisations being supported, visit Zeigermann_Audio's website below.

If you'd like your own Spacer Kit in Chroma Key blue, green, or red, they're available for special order through your local dealer.