The Windbubbles

The best wind protection you can get for you lavalier mic. Whatever the make, shape or size of it, there is a furry Windbubble waiting to keep the wind out and the clean, clear sound frequencies in. The Windbubble's secret lies in its clever design and high quality materials. It creates a bubble of dead air around the microphone capsule and slows down the ambient wind by using the highest quality Bubblebee fur, preventing unwanted noise in your recordings and protecting your mic while at it. There are four sizes and six different colours available. Please read our size guide here →

Four different sizes
Six different colours
Read our size guide →

A bubble of dead air around the mic

Green zone

The Windbubble creates a protected 'bubble of dead air' around the mic capsule to retain its natural capabilities.

Multi-pile Fur

Multi-pile fur

Our unique multi-pile fine faux fur slows down and disperses wind energy gradually, preventing it from reaching the mic.

Elasticized opening and leather tabs

Elasticized opening

An elasticized entrance for a tight fit features leather tabs or 'legs' for finding the opening more easily on location.


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