Comparing Windbubbles - Recording Waves with DPA 6060 Microphones

We had the chance to make a comparison of The Bubblebee Windbubbles' Size 1 and Size 2 effectiveness against persistent wind. Recording the sound of waves using two DPA 6060 omnidirectional microphones in Croatia. We also used The Cable Saver to reduce vibrations from the cables from reaching the capsules.

The audio in the video above is raw and untouched for this purpose, with just a high pass filter applied at 80Hz.

First we show the result with no wind protection, where the persistant gusts of wind are clearly distorting the capsules' ability to reproduce the recorded sound clearly. Then we use the Size 1 Windbubbles which produce a dramatic improvement in clarity, while retaining as much of the frequency response of the 6060 microphones as possible. These are perfectly adequate for this situation.

Then we switch to Size 2 Windbubbles. Depending on the situation, switching up a size can improve wind protection for stronger gusts. They still retain an impressive amount of the frequency transparency compared to the smaller Size 1 Windbubbles.

Listen to the raw 96kHz audio files

The 3 tracks below are 1-minute clips of untouched and uncompressed 96kHz Wav audio files for a more accurate comparitive listening experience.