A Starter Guide to Using The Lav Concealer

The Lav Concealer allows for easy and quick attachment of a lavalier microphone to talent or costumes, using either the included clips or Bubblebee Lav Concealer Tape. You can even sew the Lav Concealer into the costume using the 4 sewing holes.

In this quick guide we show you how to get started using your Bubblebee Lav Concealer. Pictured is the Lav Concealer for Sennheiser MKE 2, though this process is the same for all Lav Concealers*

Loading your mic in The Lav Concealer

Loading your mic into The Lav Concealer

  1. Start with all clips removed and wipe both the microphone and the Lav Concealer clean from any oily residue or buildup of dirt.
  2. Bend The Lav Concealer backwards in the middle to expose the entry hole into which you will insert the microphone capsule.
  3. Holding the microphone capsule at the base, insert it into The Lav Concealer and push it up so that it is flush with the end of the Concealer.
  4. Let The Lav Concealer go so that it snaps back into shape around the mic capsule. The finished product should look like this.

Adding the Fabric Guard and Clothing Clip

Adding clip and fabric guard

  1. Once the mic is loaded, line up the wire Fabric Guard with the two holes on the front of The Lav Concealer, wire loop facing the top, and insert the ends into the holes.
  2. Press and wriggle the Fabric Guard a bit to work it all the way in so that it is almost flush with the front side. When fitted, it also helps The Lav Concealer to hold the capsule more firmly.
  3. The Clothing Clip can then be added into the holes at the back of The Lav Concealer, facing the bottom side. Gently work the wire clip in to the holes, being careful not to place too much strain on the mic cable.
  4. Once flush, it should look like this. NB: This can also be switched around to the front instead of the Fabric Guard, for example, to clip it vertically to a bra, or as required.

Using The Lav Concealer Tape

Using Tape with The Lav Concealer

  1. The Lav Concealer Tape is designed to fit The Lav Concealer perfectly, keeping any glue off the capsule and creating a strong hypoallergenic bond to any surface or fabric. Taks a piece of tape and line it up as shown in picture 1.
  2. Press the tape firmly onto the Lav Concealer, rubbing it firmly applying a decent amount of pressure. A few seconds of this will create a very strong bond.
  3. Peel off the backing paper using the handy thumb-tab and affix The Lav Concealer firmly - this can be directly to skin or to fabric, depending on what hides the package better. Make sure that the surface is dry when you do so and apply pressure for a few seconds to seal the bond.
  4. The Lav Concealer is hidden out of site, with the capsule protected from friction and the fabric guard maintaining clear air around it for the best possible sound.

Video guides

We have a whole playlist of video guides on ways of using The Lav Concealer - watch them all and become a master!


The Lav Concealer is Available For:

Sanken Cos-11
DPA 4060/4061/4062/4063, DPA 4071, DPA 6060
RØDE Lavalier (all variants)
Sennheiser MKE 1, MKE 2, ME2 (G3 systems) and ME2-II (G4 systems)
Countryman B3 and B6.

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* Except the tiny Lav Concealers like the DPA 6060 version, which do not include a clothing clip, rather 2 fabric guards and are fitted using The Lav Concealer Tape.