How to make The Sidekick IFB In-Ear Monitor INVISIBLE

The Sidekick IFB In-Ear Monitor from Bubblebee Industries is an invisible, durable, and adaptable in-ear monitor for comms and cues.

The newest generation of The Sidekick has been widely well received by production sound mixers, broadcasters, TV presenters, and many more professionals across every corner of the sound industry, with many saying The Sidekick IFB is a great alternative to Earwigs when invisibility, range, and battery life are crucial factors when choosing your comms earpiece.

In this video, Caleb shows how to install The Sidekick IFB In-ear monitor on your talent, making it invisible and comfortable.


Place the earloop of The Sidekick over the top of your talent's ear and ask your talent to place the micro driver inside their ear canal.


Pull on The Sidekick IFB cable to make it slightly tighter to make it near invisible from the front and probably most side angles as well.

THE CLIP - 1:29

Use the included clip to secure The Sidekick to the talent's clothing. This could be on their t-shirt, shirt, or any undergarments they may be wearing, such as an undershirt or a vest.


The Sidekick mono version also comes with either a straight or curly cable. The curly cable has an added section of strain relief to make it more comfortable when the talent turns their head. You can adjust this strain relief to make it the right tension for your talent.

PLUG IT IN - 1:52

For the safety of your talent's hearing and also the health of the micro driver, it's very important to remember to plug The Sidekick into your IEM receiver with it turned off and gradually turn it on and increase the volume until it is at a comfortable level for your talent.

 You're all set!

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The Sidekick IFB In-ear Monitor is available from your local Bubblebee dealer