The Spacer Bubble vs The Windkiller - What's The Difference?

The Spacer Bubble and The Windkiller are multi-piece and one-piece windscreen solutions for shotgun microphones, respectively.

The Windkiller is a one-piece windscreen solution for your shotgun mic, and The Spacer Bubble is a multi-piece, modular windscreen solution for shotgun mics with a removable fur cover.

In this video, Caleb explains the difference between the two to help you decide which solution is best for your shotgun microphone.


The Windkiller is a one-piece wind protection solution for shotgun microphones. Available in seven different sizes and also in a short-haired version, The Windkiller is constructed of an airy inner mesh which aims to create a space of dead air around your boom mic's capsule. This is paired with our much-loved, long-haired multi-pile faux fur cover which slows wind down gradually before any of it gets to your microphone capsule.


The Spacer Bubble is a multi-piece, modular wind protection solution for shotgun mics with two components. The mesh base is made of the same airy foam as The Windkiller, but with an acoustically transparent mesh covering. This can be used on its own for indoor recordings to eliminate boom swoosh and vocal plosives.

The Spacer Bubble comes with a long-haired fur cover, also available as a short-haired fur version. This fur cover is the same multi-pile faux fur as The Windkiller, but has a transparent inner material which is aimed at keeping your microphone sounding as natural as possible.


Slide the mesh base over your boom mic and you're good to go for indoor use, if you have to move outside then you can slip over the long-haired fur cover and be ready to speed in seconds.


For all out wind protection on your boom microphone, we recommend The Spacer Bubble as there are 4 layers of material that help to protect your microphone from wind: The inner foam, transparent mesh covering, the inside of the fur which keeps your shotgun mic sounding as natural as possible, and the fur itself.

The Windkiller has 2 layers of material, the inner foam with fur glued to it.


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