How to stop unwanted noise when hiding a Lav Mic

Clothing noise and fabric rustle can be a real pain when hiding a lavalier microphone. Thankfully there are tools that can help to reduce this noise.

In this video, Caleb demonstrates how you can use The Lav Concealer, The Invisible Lav Covers - Fur Outdoor, The Invisible Lav Covers - Moleskin, and The Cable Saver to reduce any unwanted clothing and cable noise from your lavalier mic.


The Cable Saver is made from silicone that you can wrap your lav microphone cable around which adds strain relief and removes cable noise from your lav mic at the same time.


The Lav Concealer is a rubber mount that is moulded to the specific contours of its dedicated lav microphone. It also comes with metal fabric guards that lift clothing away from the lavalier microphones capsule. These two rubber and metal materials used in tandem help to disperse any friction noise and other vibrations before it reaches the lavalier mic's capsule.


The Invisible Lav Covers are the ultimate lav micing tool, coming in three different variations which have their own strengths. The Invisible Lav Covers - Fur Outdoor are made from our popular multi-pile faux fur and are for ultimate wind protection and noise reduction. The Invisible Lav Covers - Moleskin are made from a super soft, sustainably sourced bamboo material, for ultimate invisibility and noise reduction.

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