How to find the right size Windbubble for your Lav mic

The Windbubbles are made of high-quality multi-pile faux fur, with an inner mesh that creates a space of dead air around your lav microphone's capsule, protecting it from wind noise.

If your lav mic isn't on the Windbubble Size Guide on our website, finding the right size Windbubble for your lavalier microphone is easy when you know how to do it.

In this video, Chris explains how you can find the right size Windbubble for your lav mic.

The Windbubble comes in 4 different sizes:
Size 1: ø 3-4mm
Size 2: ø 5-8mm
Size 3: ø 5-9mm
Size 4: ø 8-13mm

As you go up in size, the length and mass of fur increases, therefore providing slightly better wind protection.

There are two ways to be sure that you get the right size Windbubble for your lav mic:

- Check the size guide here

- Measure the diameter of your lavalier microphone using a ruler or similar.

Take care when using lavalier mics with their optional boost caps and filters, as these can change the diameter of the lav mic.
For example, the Sanken COS-11 on its own would fit into a Size 1 Windbubble, however, if you use the Sanken COS-11 with the WS-11 attachment, you'll need the Size 3 Windbubble as the diameter of the lav mic has now increased.

For more information and to see our full range of The Windbubble

The Windbubbles are available from your local Bubblebee dealer