Recording in a car with DPA Microphones 4018/4097 and The Windkiller SE

We recently created some special edition wind protection for DPA Microphones 4018G and 4097/4099 models. In this video Caleb puts the new Windkiller SE through some tests, recording dialogue in a moving car using the DPA 4018GS and 4097 microphones. The Windkiller SE: 

NB: The audio is unedited and due to the principally low frequency issues that wind can create for microphones, this is best listened to with a decent pair of over-ear headphones or on reference monitors with a suitable frequency range. A lot of the interesting action occurs below 200-300Hz. We noticed around a 10dB reduction in wind gust noise in this region, even though this was a test done in 'real life' settings. ie: no controlled environment.

~Here are some of the interesting segments:~

00:04 - Intro

00:20 - The Naked Mics

00:45 - New Windkiller SE options


Without The Windkiller SE:

02:00 - Windows up, 4018G

02:26 - Windows up, 4097

03:09 - Windows up, no talking, 4018G

03:24 - Windows up, no talking, 4097

03:43 - Windows down, 4018G

04:01 - Windows down, 4097


04:46 - Fitting the wind protection


With the Windkiller SE:

05:46 - Windows up, 4018G (with WKSE)

05:58 - Windows up, 4097 (with WKSE)

06:08 - Windows up, no talking, 4018G (with WKSE)

06:16 - Windows up, no talking, 4097 (with WKSE)

06:25 - Windows down, 4018G (with WKSE/comparison)

06:57 - Windows down, 4097 (with WKSE/comparison)

07:18 - Windows down, no talking, 4018G (with WKSE/comparison)

07:40 - Windows down, no talking, 4097 (with WKSE/comparison)


07:57 - in closing...


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