How to fit the Invisible Lav Covers - Moleskin

The Invisible Lav Covers Moleskin are our new super-quiet lav mic mounts which excel where space is tight, retaining a transparent natural sound from the microphone. They are made of sustainably sourced bamboo fiber; an eco-friendly addition to your consumables case.

The Invisible Lav Covers Moleskin are easy to fit and protect your mic capsule from glue buildup using our pre-cut Invisible Lav Tape which comes included in the box. The pack contains 30 mounts.

Here is a quick visual guide on how to use them to conceal a lavalier microphone:

Step 1

Moleskin Image 1

Select the best colour Moleskin cover depending on the type of clothing. The package contains 10 x white, 10 x beige and 10 x black Moleskin pieces, for a total of 30 mounts (including tape).

Step 2

Moleskin Image 2

The Invisible Lav Tape included is pre-cut to make sure that the sound of your microphone is as transparent as possible as well as to protect your mic's grid from a buildup of glue over time.

Step 3

Bubblebee Moleskin Image 3

Peel a piece of tape off the backing paper and align your lav mic so that the grid is in the middle of the tape's cutout hole, the body of the mic on the broader side of the piece of tape. Make sure the tape is holding the microphone body well.

Step 4

Bubblebee Moleskin Image 4

Align squarely and press down the edges of the Moleskin cover first, working your way around the edge and creating a neat package of Moleskin, mic and tape.

Step 5

Bubblebee Moleskin Image 5

Now you're ready to apply the mic to the talent or clothing, wherever your chosen spot might be.

Step 6

Bubblebee Moleskin Image 6

Peel off the backing film from the tape, being careful not to fold the package in on itself.

Step 7

Bubblebee Moleskin Image 7

Affix the Moleskin-mic package firmly to either costume or skin - press down for 5-10 seconds to give the tape time to form a strong bond with the surface. Our Invisible Lav Tape is hypoallergenic and is safe to use directly on skin.

Step 8

Bubblebee Moleskin Image 8

Re-fit the clothing to totally hide the mount from sight. The Invisible Lav Covers - Moleskin is incredibly low profile and under clothing will give you a comfortable and totally invisible mount for lav mics.

You're done, and it's invisible! Time to check the levels again...

Bubblebee Moleskin Image 9

The Invisible Lav Covers are available in Moleskin, Original and Fur Outdoor versions, each offering a unique combination of strengths for different mic'ing situations. Contact your local Bubblebee dealer to add them to your lav mic'ing toolbox.

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