Big Bags of our lav mounts now available

The Invisible Lav Covers are a range of lavalier mounting materials covering all manner of lav mic hiding techniques used in film and television production sound. Our Invisible Lav Covers - Original, Moleskin and Fur Outdoor have traditionally been available in boxes of 30 mounts, 10 of each colour, including Invisible Lav Tape

They are now available in Big Bags of 120 mounts each, in a single colour.

The Invisible Lav Covers Big Bag - Original

Invisible Lav Mount Covers - Original

For the ultimate in transparency and invisibility

The Invisible Lav Covers Big Bag - Moleskin

Invisible Lav Mic Covers Moleskin

For the ultimate in invisibility and noise reduction

The Invisible Lav Covers Big Bag - Fur Outdoor

Invisible Lav Mic Covers Fur Outdoor

For the ultimate in wind protection and noise reduction

The Big Bags include 1 colour, either black, beige or white. They are packaged in recyclable and reusable ziplock storage pouches, which are transparent for easy identification of the contents.

Our Invisible Lav Covers are designed for use with our Invisible Lav Tape, a unique double-sided mounting tape with a pre-cut window for optimal transparency, less tape noise and to protect your mic's grid from a buildup of glue.


Our Invisible Lav Covers Big Bags are all available now. Contact your local Bubblebee dealer for more information.