Bubblebee wins Børsen Gazelle 2020 Award

Bubblebee Industries has won a Børsen Gazelle 2020 award. This accolade is presented by Børsen, the largest financial newspaper in Denmark, to Danish small and medium-sized companies that achieve growth over four consecutive years, at least doubling their revenue or gross profit in this time. 


Børsen Gazelle 2020 Bubblebee Industries

Before we go on about what we've done over the past few years to get there, we'd like to thank the people who really made it happen: our international distributors and dealers, and most of all, the international film and broadcast sound industry. Albeit a niche industry, it is a genuine honour to be named alongside star companies in the Energy, Tech, Automotive, Engineering and IT industries and goes to show the dogged determination and "we'll make it happen" attitude of sound engineers everywhere.

This is a proud moment for us, so thank you from the bottom of our furry hearts. We'll keep on designing and bringing you top quality, innovative sound accessories so you can keep making sound sound better 💚

Here it is again, in full BBI regalia:

Børsen Gazelle 2020 Windbubble