The Sidekick 2 IFB In-Ear Monitor: even more invisible

The Sidekick 2 IFB In-Ear Monitor: even more invisible

The Sidekick 2 features a new and improved cable that is 44% thinner and 50% lighter than its predecessor. The flexible coiled strain relief is a third of the original size and the new colour-neutral cable invisibly blends into the background.

Please welcome to the newest member to the BBI family… The Sidekick 2!

The most invisible and comfortable IFB in-ear monitor yet. Ever since the launch of our first generation of Sidekick in-ear IFB monitors, we’ve been gathering intel and carefully listening to feedback from your experience in studio, out in the field and on set. As a result we’ve been working tirelessly on how we could improve an already amazing product… and we’ve succeeding in making 'invisible' even more invisible!


  • New cable 44% thinner than previous unit
  • New diameter of only 33μm
  • 33% lower profile cable relief
  • Greater transparency blends into the background better


  • Kevlar reinforcement with stronger outer sheath prevents cable damage
  • New termination tested up to 100 000 bends without failure


  • Less than half the weight of the previous unit
  • Now with even more comfortable ear loop

The high impedance Sidekick micro-driver sits comfortably and ergonomically inside the ear canal to provide high quality crystal clear comms. The included eartips allow for varying levels of external ambience to best suit the users environment.

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The Sidekick 2 IFB In-Ear Monitor, Mono

The Sidekick 2 IFB In-ear Monitor, Mono
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The Sidekick 2 IFB In-Ear Monitor, Stereo

The Sidekick 2 IFB In-ear Monitor, Stereo
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The Sidekick 2 Cable Comparison

Sidekick 2 Cable Comparison

To support The Sidekick 2, we’ve released a range of new accessories:

The Sidekick Spares Kit - a convenient bundle of replacement eartips, filters and clothing clips to revitalise your Sidekick or Sidekick 2.

Sidekick Spares Kit

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The Sidekick 2 Cable, Mono and The Sidekick 2 Cable, Stereo - Add the mono cable to your Sidekick 2, Stereo to quickly interchange the drivers to suit different situations or vice versa.

The Sidekick 2 Cables

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The Gator Clothing Clip - This new clothing clip supports the thinner profile of The Sidekick 2 cable to keep your Sidekick 2 firmly in place, without damaging the fabric it has been affixed to.

The Gator Clothing Clip

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