Chroma Key Green Spacer Bubble Windshields

Need a customised windshield for your shotgun microphone? We custom produce Spacer Bubbles in Chroma Key Green to give you the optimal wind protection for green screen sound recording. Simply choose the applicable size using our Size Guide and contact your local BBI Dealer to place your order for your custom Spacer Bubble or Spacer Kit.

Spacer Bubble Chroma Key Green with white dipper line

Our Spacer Bubble windshield base offers an impressive amount of wind protection while maintaining the full frequency response of your microphone. This is ideal for sound stage work with green screens, usually indoors and in low-wind environments. 



The price is the same as the regular versions of the Spacer Bubble or Spacer Kit.


There will be a 4-6 week waiting time on average. Your dealer will keep you updated on this.


These chroma key green Spacer Bubbles are customisable with a white dipper band around the tip, or black, as required. Also available as a custom order item is a black Spacer Bubble with a white dipper band around the tip.

And before you ask, yes, we're on the hunt for some Chroma Key Green cows to make the leather band green. We'll update you when we find them.

To order yours, please contact your local Bubblebee Dealer. Once ordered, your custom Spacer Bubble will be produced and delivery will take up to 4-6 weeks.

Please contact us if you want more information, to help find your nearest dealer, or with any questions of what's possible.