Bubblebee at SoundPro 2019

A brand new Bubblebee listening station will be shown at SoundPro 2019, this year held in Chiswick Town Hall in London on Saturday 26th October. Complete with dual headphone stations equipped with Sony MDR-7506 cans, two Sound Devices MixPre3 mixers powering DPA shotgun- and shortgun mics, lavalier mics and the latest Sony Wireless Tx/Rx (courtesy of Karno Sound) to test out, amongst other things, The Sidekick In-Ear Monitor at range.

First shown at SoundPro in autumn last year, The Sidekick In-Ear Monitor has been making steady waves in the television and film industry due to its tiny, invisible footprint and flexible, robust cable options. If you haven’t tried it yet, experience the magic for yourself at SoundPro2019 as Bubblebee Industries founder and CEO Poul Mejer whispers sweet nothings directly into your ear from the other side of the room.

Invisible IEM

It's also incredibly light. The Sidekick IEM/IFB is able to be worn for up to 20-hour shifts with no fatigue or discomfort. If you’ve heard whispers in the industry, use this opportunity to check its compatibility with your wireless IEM/IFB receivers and view all the available options at Bubblebee’s stand this year.

We will also have some surprises in The Lav Concealer department. Our take on concealing lavalier microphones has been very carefully thought out, leading to the creation of their 100% natural rubber Lav Concealers. Included in their design is an ingenious system of lifting fabric away from the capsule and preventing vibrations and friction noise from reaching the microphone by using two different materials to disperse them.

Concealers for lav microphones

Be that as it may, correct use and understanding of the mechanics of The Lav Concealer is very important as these are small things and, as in any fine craft, like hiding lav microphones on talent for example, tiny adjustments can make a big difference to the end result.

The Lav Concealer range has now expanded to include solutions for DPA Microphones, Sanken, Sennheiser and RØDE, with more models soon to be announced to meet the popular demand. Stop and chat to Poul at Bubblebee’s stand for a detailed look and all the latest tips on getting the best results out of hiding lavalier microphones.

Looking forward to seeing you all at SoundPro2019!