Introducing The Invisible Skin Tape

Introducing The Invisible Skin Tape from Bubblebee Industries. A hypoallergenic, transparent tape that is a breathable, sweat proof tape that offers a discreet low-profile solution for effortlessly managing your lavalier microphone or IEM cables. With a matte, skin-like finish this tape allows for makeup application for concealing your lapel mic cable in plain sight. With all these features and more The Invisible Skin Tape is your trusted choice for reliable and discreet cable fixing. 

Here's what our beta testers had to say


First use of The Invisible Skin Tape with the talent wearing a dress with no obvious location to clip the IFB out of sight for weather reports live into Good Morning Britain. The tape held up super well, no signs of movement and came away from the skin with no complaints. It was a real hot one, and I am so happy with how this has performed so far. My mic belt came back soaked so I knew it was a great first test!


At first Glance the Invisible Skin Tape seems to look like any other clear style tape however, once you look closer the difference becomes clear. The tape has a clear matte finish which is a big difference, no gloss is great. The feeling of the tape is basically invisible. I left it on for 3 days, sleeping, showering, working, and playing with my daughter and I actually forgot about it.

I used it on some talent and they were also very impressed with the durability of the tape as well as also forgetting about it. They were also extremely happy that the tape did NOT leave any type of residue on their skin. All in all I think that this is a great piece of tape to have in the expendable arsenal. I can see several instances where it can be used on set. Great for mounting your lav to your talent without the worry if the tape will stay on or not. 

The windbreaker transparent inner mesh


I actually ended up using it on The Bold & Beautiful this week. We used The Invisible Skin Tape to hold the lavalier microphone cable in place. It was strong enough to hold the cable in place, but flexible enough to work with out talents movements. The talent also appreciated how easy/comfortable it was to take off compared to the tape we were using before. 

How to install The Invisible Skin Tape

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