The Windbubble PRO - New Lavalier Mic Windshield

The Windbubble PRO - New Lavalier Mic Windshield

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Introducing The Windbubble PRO from Bubblebee Industries. A brand new premium quality windshield for omni-directional lavalier, headset and field recording microphones. Watch as Poul explains more about what makes The Windbubble PRO so effective and how it differs from our original Windbubble.


The Windbubble PRO lav mic windshield consists of a soft rubber mount. Unlike hard plastic mounts this special rubber mount absorbs shocks and stops vibrations transferring to your mic’s capsule. The rubber mount holds the furry windshield firmly in place on your mic, making sure it doesn't slip off. In addition to this, the rubber mount has a slight conical shape inside, which ensures you can't push your microphone too far into the windshield. This is very important to ensure that your microphone has a "bubble" of dead-air around the capsule for optimal wind protection and audio clarity. This means that your mic will consistently stay in the best possible position for maximum efficiency.


The fixed positioning of the mic using the rubber mount has given us the ability to engineer a smaller overall profile for the Windbubble PRO without compromising on the efficacy of the wind protection. However, each mount size is also available in a larger 'Extreme' version which consists of an inner foam core, surrounded by our much-loved multi-pile faux fur, to offer you an even greater level of wind protection for your microphone. These are especially helpful on those super windy exteriors and a perfect solution for factual, ENG and broadcast shoots.

Every Windbubble PRO is available in our renowned multi-pile faux fur. This unique fur has been specially designed with varying lengths of fur to help gradually slow down the wind particles before reaching the mic. The base of the fur has a higher density of shorter hairs and an acoustically transparent backing material for maximum frequency transparency. So instead of the wind hammering on the microphone and making those horrible, “I’m in the middle of a hurricane,” sounds, the capsule is kept in a calm bubble of wind protection and allowed to perform at its best.

Each Windbubble PRO is available in a single or twin-pack of lapel mic windshields and in four different colours (black, grey, white, and beige) to allow you to colour-match to the costume or outfit of the talent. It is also available with a large mount as a twin-pack for stereo field recording applications.

Please note: The Windbubble PRO is only suitable for omnidirectional microphones. If you have a directional microphone, then the original Windbubble is the best microphone windshield for your mic. You can find the original Windbubble size guide here.



So far so good! I’ve only used the small one as I’ve not been in extreme enough wind for the big one yet. Performs well. Better I think then the originals, and definitely holds on to the mic very well, a big and very welcome improvement.


All in all very good. The old ones are great too, but these ones performing better at a smaller size is a big bonus visually. And the greater thickness and quality leaves itself to a greater longevity.


I'm currently using them in a blizzard right now! Very very good. Fantastic. Stable. An improvement on the design.

Phil Bax using The Windbubble Pro with DPA 6060 & Lectrosonics Transmitter

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