The Lav Concealer family expands: Now Including Sony and Deity Mics

Ever since the conception of Bubblebee's very first model for the Sanken COS-11 back in 2018, The Lav Concealer has been adopted by sound professionals all over the world as their lavalier mount of choice. Using a combination of soft, shock-absorbent, natural rubber and metal fabric guards, The Lav Concealer is super effective at reducing unwanted noise and fabric rustle, that can occur when mic’ing up your subject.

Introducing the first professional Lav Concealers for the Sony ECM-77, Deity W.Lav Pro and Deity W.Lav Micro lavalier microphones.

Deity Lav Concealers

The Lav Concealers for Deity W.Lav Pro and W.Lav Micro lavalier microphones.

Deity has exploded onto the video production, broadcast and film scene with a heap of cool wireless, lavalier and shotgun microphone products offering high quality affordability and punching above their weight in sound quality. The Lav Concealers for the W.Lav Pro and W.Lav Micro have been made to measure, promising excellent consistency holding the mic in exactly the correct position, offering enhanced shock and friction protection for the mic giving you an all-round professinal mounting option.

The Lav Concealer for Sony ECM-77

The Lav Concealer for the Sony ECM-77 lavalier microphone.

Sony's ECM-77 is a stalwart clip on lav mic used the world over in TV / ENG circles especially. It is loved for its robust dependability and broadcast-quality sound. With the Lav Concealer for the ECM-77 you now have more options for mic placement for when a less visible mic is needed and this opens up a heap of new possibilities. The ECM-77 is included with Sony's UWP-D Pro wireless kits and commonplace with the DWX system too.

Deity W.Lav Pro

Deity W.Lav Pro

A new regular sized Lav Concealer for the Deity W.Lav Pro. It fits the mic perfectly and comes fully equipped with two fabric guards, a clothing clip and our Lav Concealer Tape.

Deity W.Lav Micro

Deity W.Lav Micro

Similarly sized to the 6060 Lav Concealer, but perfectly crafted to hold the Deity W.Lav Micro in the perfect position.

Sony ECM-77

Sony ECM-77

A new regular sized Lav Concealer for the ECM-77 mic from Sony. Fitting perfectly, it comes fully equipped with two fabric guards, a clothing clip and our Lav Concealer Tape.


The Lav Concealer range is available for 14 of the most commonly used lavalier microphones. Each Lav Concealer is moulded perfectly to the contours of it’s respective mic, providing maximum protection from shocks and vibrations and holding it perfectly in place to get great, consistent sound from your microphone under demanding circumstances.

The new Lav Concealers will be available to order now from all Bubblebee dealers and will be shipping from 12th May 2021.