The Lav Concealers for DPA 4060 and 4071 Available Now

We have added new DPA 4060 and 4071 lavalier mounts to our range of Lav Concealers, so now all you DPA lovers out there can get the ultimate in mounting solutions for your lavalier mics. Available now! Find your local BBI dealer →

The Lav Concealers for DPA 4060 and DPA 4071 Microphones

Natural sound

The Lav Concealers for DPA 4060 and 4071 are small, made of a soft, pliable natural rubber which fits snugly around the lavalier mics while allowing for space around the capsule. This is very important to maintain as much of the mic’s natural sound as possible. Being rubber, the Lav Concealer is designed to absorb vibrations and be attached quickly and easily to clothing, costumes or the body (skin) using either the included clothing clip or their Lav Concealer Tape, a hypoallergenic double-sided tape which comes in a handy dispenser box for ease of use.

Less Noise

The natural rubber of The Lav Concealers is gentle to your mic and keeps sticky stuff away from the capsule surface, preventing unwanted sticky buildup. The clothing clip and fabric guard are detachable and replaceable as you like. Another benefit of using the metal clothing clip and fabric guard is that having two materials, both metal and rubber, prevents the tranmission of vibrations and friction noise from ever reaching the capsule.

The Lav Concealer Range

We released our first model in The Lav Concealer range (for the Sanken COS-11) in November 2018, immediately garnering approval from film sound professionals here and abroad, who applauded its innovative design, quality and adaptability. We have since been flooded with requests for DPA (and other) versions and the 4060 and 4071 models’ release is just the start.

The Lav Concealer for 4060

The Lav Concealer for DPA 4060

The Lav Concealer for 4071

The Lav Concealer for DPA 4071

First Look

Available now!

The Bubblebee Lav Concealers are available from our Bubblebee dealers all around the world.