New Bubblebee Lav Concealer for Sanken COS-11 Makes Hiding It Easy

Bubblebee Lav Concealer for COS-11

Announcing the brand new Lav Concealer for Sanken COS-11: A customizable concealer clip and shock mount for the COS-11 lavalier microphone in one! It's made of a special rubber composite that absorbs vibration and friction noise. This both creates much needed space around the COS-11 capsule and stops vibration or friction noise from reaching it, making your hidden mic recordings even better.

Multiple Placement Options

Bubblebee Tie-knot and Shirt Concealer Mic Placement

The Lav Concealer for COS-11 includes a removable / movable clothing clip and fabric guard. Use the clip in 4 different positions to mount The Lav Concealer as you see fit, whether it be a tie knot mount, bra mount, button-seam mount on a shirt or a mount directly on the skin under a T-shirt. The wire fabric guard, when fitted, keeps clothing away from the capsule and will not transmit vibrations through the concealer to the microphone, removing all direct friction noise.

The Lav Concealer Customizable Clip and Fabric Guard

New Lav Concealer Tape

Using The Lav Concealer for COS-11 on Skin with Tape

We have created a very special tape that is hypoallergenic and features a special glue that bonds to the rubber compound of The Lav Concealer as well as skin and fabric.

The new design features a handy thumb tab which makes application super-easy. Simply lift the tape from the backing tape using the thumb-tab. Then line up and press the glue-side firmly onto The Lav Concealer. Then, use the thumb-tab to remove the guard paper, leaving the double sided tape on the concealer. Fit to clothing or skin.

Available Now

The Lav Concealer for Sanken COS-11 is available in singles (black or white) and as a 6-pack, both of which come with 6 pcs of tape per concealer. Lav Concealer Tape is available seperately in a pack of 120 pcs. All are available now and soon to be in stock at your local Bubblebee Dealer.