The Sidekick 3: Revolutionizing Cricket Umpiring with Hawk-Eye Innovations

Hawk-Eye Innovations is a pioneering sports technology company founded in 1999, celebrated for its cutting-edge computer vision and tracking systems. Best recognised for the Hawk-Eye ball-tracking technology, the company has revolutionised sports like tennis, cricket, soccer, and rugby with its real-time ball trajectory monitoring.

Bubblebee x Hawk-Eye

Hawk-Eye Innovations has found a game-changing ally in Bubblebee Industries and their flagship product, The Sidekick 3. With its lightweight design and exceptional audio quality, The Sidekick 3 has become an indispensable tool for umpires in global cricket events.

Ethan Chapman, the match officials technology lead for Cricket at Hawk-Eye Innovations, provided valuable insights into the seamless integration of The Sidekick 3 into their operations.

Cricket Umpire at the Ashes

Having joined the company three and a half years ago, Ethan discovered that The Sidekick was already in use by Hawk-Eye. The product caught their attention during its development phase when their research and development department stumbled upon it. The Sidekick was subsequently tested in various sporting events, including the NBA, proving its efficacy for match officials.

Bubblebee Sidekick and a cricket umpire at The Ashes

 When asked about the specific situations where The Sidekick is most often employed, Ethan explained that it facilitates seamless communication between the third official and umpires on the cricket field. The Sidekick enhances the audio experience for umpires by ensuring they receive clear instructions from the third umpire, even from off the pitch. It has become an indispensable tool utilised in every game involving match officials, including ICC matches, and will soon be employed in all cricket events where Hawk-Eye is involved.

The availability of interchangeable eartips further enhances its adaptability, with The Satellite Eartip being the preferred choice for 90% of umpires due to its excellent ability to allow external ambience through the earpiece, a vital attribute that allows umpires to discern subtle edges, yet also receiving field instructions while maintaining their unwavering focus on the game.

The resounding success of The Sidekick in the domain of cricket has spurred a profound curiosity regarding its potential implementation in other divisions of Hawk-Eye. Ethan confirmed the company's unwavering commitment to ongoing improvements and innovation. The football division, responsible for critical communication systems in VAR (Video Assistant Referee) operations, has shown keen interest in the earpiece. Additionally, Hawk-Eye is exploring opportunities in the US market, aiming to challenge and reshape existing communication systems.

As cricket continues to evolve, incorporating cutting-edge technology has become essential for ensuring accurate decision-making and enhancing the overall viewer experience. Hawk-Eye Innovations, with The Sidekick 3 at its side, is at the forefront of revolutionising the way umpires perceive the game and communicate with their colleagues.

Bubblebee Sidekick at The Ashes