Here's a quick visual guide to help you get a super-quiet hidden lavalier mounted under clothing for when it's windy out or when you feel you might need extra protection from fabric friction noise. As used in our Windchasers series, if you'd like to hear it in action.

Hiding Lav Mics 1

This method uses the Lav Concealer with The Invisible Lav Cover Fur Outdoor to provide heavy protection to the mic capsule against wind and/or fabric noise.

Hiding Lav Mics 2

Fit the mic in the Lav Concealer, fixing the Fabric Guard in place. Apply the Lav Concealer Tape and the Invisible Lav Tape to the concealer and Fur Outdoor piece respectively. Note the pre-cut transparency window in the ILT.

Hiding Lav Mics 3

Mount the Lav Concealer and mic, and line up the window in the Invisible Lav Tape with the Fabric Guard. This keeps as transparent a sound as possible, preventing tape from covering the capsule directly. The Fabric Guard holds space around the capsule for better sound performance.

Hiding Lav Mics 4

The package is longer than it is high, and is still very slight for hiding successfully under a shirt, using the natural contours of the body to your advantage.

Hiding Lav Mics 5

Here's what it looks like with the shirt down.

Invisible Lav Covers Fur Outdoor

The Invisible Lav Covers FUR OUTDOOR. There are 9 reusable pieces of pre-cut fur and 30 Invisible Lav Tape mounts in every box.

30 Mounts Included

Available now at all BBI dealers worldwide.