A Transparency Test with The Spacer Bubble in Death Valley, CA

We travelled to what is a truly quiet acoustic environment - a salt pan on the edge of the desert - to test out the frequency transparency of our Spacer Bubble's mesh base.

The audio is unedited to give you an exact picture of the differences. Recorded with a DPA 4017 shotgun microphone and Sound Devices MixPre3 recorder.

Perfect wind protection for indoors and out? It's possible. The Bubblebee Spacer Bubble is a modular and adaptable windshield solution for shotgun microphones designed specifically for boom operators, camera folks, sound mixers and all sound recordists who need a strong solution for changing conditions.

The Spacer Bubble and Windkiller are available in 7 different sizes and fit over 50 of the most popular boom and camera microphones available today. Find your perfect fit using our brand new size guide.

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