How to Mount The Windbubble Correctly on your Microphone

The Windbubble is one of the most important tools in your microphone kit box. Caleb talks us through How To Mount The Windbubble correctly, as this can have a huge impact on its performance in reclaiming that otherwise lost dynamic range.

The Windbubble was designed to offer the best wind protection possible for you miniature microphones so they have a huge impact on your sound recording. Fitted correctly, The Windbubble creates a bubble of dead air around the microphone capsule which allows the microphone to perform at its best. The Windbubble slows down wind gradually by using the highest quality Bubblebee multi-pile fur, preventing unwanted noise in your recordings, and protecting your mic while at it.


  • How to install The Windbubble correctly
  • What it sounds like mounted incorrectly vs mounted correctly
  • How to remove The Windbubble safely
  • A handy tip for tight Windbubbles

There are four sizes of Windbubbles. Find out which size Windbubble you need for your Lav Mic with our Windbubble Size Guide.

The Windbubbles are available at all of our international dealers. Find your nearest Bubblebee dealer now.