The Lav Concealer Tips - 3: Removing the Tape

The Bubblebee Lav Concealer is here and designed to tackle all the serious wire mic issues you have to face as a sound mixer - vibration, fabric noise and adaptability for secure fitting. Find out more about what's possible with this ingenious sound tool here. We have compiled a series of tips on how to use it correctly and get the best results. Here's the third in the series - how to remove the Lav Concealer Tape and leave it ready to apply again.

Step 1:

Remove The Lav Concealer from the skin by holding it firmly at the collar of the mic cable and peeling it upwards smoothly off the skin.

Step 2:

Lift the tape from the back of The Lav Concealer starting at the cable end and peel it firmly and smoothly off the rubber.

Step 3:

Both the skin and The Lav Concealer is left without residue, ready to be used again - simply apply a new piece of tape. 

We hope this short guide helps. View all our guides here.

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