The 'GREEN' Lav Concealer

THE 'GREEN' LAV CONCEALER: Your choice of filmmaking consumables doesn’t always need to be bad for the planet.

Did you know the our Lav Concealer products are made from a natural, biodegradable rubber? Available in black and white, we do not add any artificial colourants to the Lav Concealer to maintain its biodegradable properties.

This has always been the case for The Lav Concealer, but as part of our new eco-journey we’ve taken the decision to go a step further in our efforts to become more eco-conscious. This is why we’re launching The 'GREEN' Lav Concealer campaign.

You can learn more about our eco-journey here.

The GREEN Lav Concealer Campaign - Plant a tree with Bubblebee Industries


How does it work?

There will be no physical ‘GREEN’ Lav Concealer; the product is exactly the same.
If you choose to make your Lav Concealer'GREEN', you will be charged an additional €1/$1 on top of the price of The Lav Concealer. For this additional cost, we will plant THREE trees through our chosen charity, OneTreePlanted.

🌳 One tree planted on behalf of you.
🌳 One tree planted on behalf of the Eco-Partner you chose to purchase through.
🌳 One tree planted on behalf of Bubblebee Industries.


*100% of the addition €1/$1 fee will be donated to OneTreePlanted.*

Where can I buy a 'GREEN' Lav Concealer?

You can buy a 'GREEN' Lav Concealer from any of the ECO-Partners listed on our dealer page. We recommend ordering from the one closest to you to minimise the environmental impact of the delivery. If you can't see your local BBI dealer listed as an ECO-Partner, keep checking as we update our ECO-Partner page as soon as they support the campaign. You can email us at to get further information on the status of your local BBI dealer.

What is an ECO-Partner?

Our ECO-Partners share one of our core brand values of respect for the future through sustainability and saving the planet. The ECO-Partners help us work towards creating audio solutions that are great for you, and great for the planet.

Contact your ECO-Partner to find out which Lav Concealer models they're featuring as 'GREEN'.

BBI Eco Partners

Pinknoise Systems        SynkOn       Gotham Sound      VDB Audio         Raycom

Who will plant the trees?

Our chosen charity is OneTreePlanted, a non-profit organisation that have multiple tree-panting operations across the world.

Learn more about OneTreePlanted below

How can I plant a tree without a 'GREEN' Lav Concealer?

If you don't need another Lav Concealer yet, or your local dealer isn't an ECO-Partner, you can donate to OneTreePlanted through BBI here. If you donate through our website, we will still match your contribution. That means if you contribute €10/$10, together we'll plant 20 trees!

The Green Lav Concealer