Our Eco-Journey

The climate crisis facing our world today is something that concerns us all. At Bubblebee Industries we are always looking for ways in which we can improve the impact we make as a business and as individuals. We’ve made a number of changes in the past few years behind the scenes to the way we do things. However we have taken the decision to make a public pledge to strive to make more eco-conscious decisions in the way we work.

Our pledges

🌳 We will continue to strive to use packaging materials that are more sustainably/locally sourced and widely recyclable where possible.
🌳 As an international company, we will continue to endeavour to make more conscious travel decisions.
🌳 We will continue to look for more sustainable/eco-friendly materials for use in existing and future products.
🌳 We will strive to work with partners in our logistical and supply chain who share our eco-conscious values.
🌳 The impact we have on the environment will be a core focus in every decision we make in our workflow and processes.

Here are some of the changes we have made in the past:

🌳 The Lav Concealer is made of a biodegradable, natural rubber. We don’t use any artificial colourants that would negate the biodegradable properties of the natural rubber.
🌳 The Invisible Lav Covers - ‘Moleskin’ are made from a biodegradable bamboo material.
🌳 We introduced reusable pouches for The Invisible Lav Covers Big Bags, minimising the amount of single-use packaging for this product.
🌳 Started The ‘GREEN’ Lav Concealer initiative, donating to a chosen tree-planting charity. For every Lav Concealer purchased in this campaign, THREE trees will be planted through the charity. Donations can also be made without having to purchase a Lav Concealer.
🌳 We are slowly moving to more eco-friendly packaging where possible. The Windbubbles are in the process of being packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes.

We are not perfect and this is the official start of our eco-journey, but we really do hope that you join us on the long journey ahead, to help make the necessary changes to help the serious issues our planet is facing.

Poul Mejer
CEO & Founder
Bubblebee Industries